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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
There are major enhancements to Visual FoxPro's Intellisense features and capabilities in the Intellisense X project on VFPx. -- Matt Slay 2014-01-22

A way-out-there-somewhere demo by Ken Levy of ways to extend VFP7's Intellisense, which runs from a table called foxcode.dbf. Since Intellisense is table-based like many other parts of VFP, interesting things can be done with it.
I refactored the IntelliSense topics today since there were two different places with samples...both with different types of info. I'm not sure what this one should be, so I've left it tips and tricks, I guess. I'll leave to someone else with a better idea. :) - Nancy Folsom
I was making a Intellisense entry to prompt for a variable and increment it when I noticed that its already included. If you type ++ after a variable intellisense will expand it out to variable = variable + 1

-- ?ERGilmore

Similarly, "x+=" expands to "x = x + ", "x-=" expands to "x = x - " and "x--" expands to "x = x - 1" -- Tamar Granor

Any clue as to why this DOESN'T work for me? The lExpandCOperators property is set to T in Intellisense manager, yet none of these C constructs expand out. -- Randy Rinker

Any chance you're leaving a space between the operators, like "+ +" or "+ ="? That won't work.-- Tamar Granor

Definitely no spaces. Exactly like 'x++', no expansion. VFP7, SP1, and lExpandCOperators T. Fresh VFP7 install, I never had any of the betas. -- Randy Rinker

After you enter the command, hit your space bar to expand the command. Do not hit your enter key.
Refactored: 2002.01.28 Nancy Folsom Moved Custom Scripts to their own topic (which you can find here IntelliSense Custom Scripts -- Mike Yearwood)
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