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Is DotNet Innovative

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I would hope that you are not suggesting that Microsoft innovated .NET.
Most of the ideas (if not all) were stolen. CLR was first implemented in the UCSD P system over 20 years ago. The class library is mostly derived from the MFC C++ library. The IDE was cobbled together from VB and C++.
Web forms were presaged by West Wind and Voodoo, among others. I could go on. Ray Kirk

Yes, Ray, I was under the impression that .NET was basically a wholly MS innovation. I stand corrected, and thank you for that. -- Jim Nelson

I could be wrong, but I don't think Ray's critique here is accurate. First, I was under the impression that ASP.NET inspired Voodoo. Second, simply noting that the CLR is a runtime/virtual machine, something we have seen before, is a pretty weak attempt to make it look like a stolen technology. The claim "The class library is mostly derived from the MFC C++ library" is a shock to me, can you provide evidence to support this? There are probably a couple similarities, but "mostly derived" is hugely misleading! And finally the IDE; it is an evolution of previous Microsoft products, but I'm not sure what makes that a stolen technology. -- Mike Helland
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