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Its All About The Upgrades

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
The reality is simple: Upgrades fuel the VFP bus


  • VFP isn't in Visual Studio anymore and this cuts both ways. Shedding VS means VFP is more flexible and responsive to the needs of the VFP community. The downside is sales of VFP are more nakedly accountable.
  • VFP is a mature niche product that's clearly outside mainstream Microsoft marketing. This implies that VFP license upgrade sales will greatly outnumber new license sales.
  • Microsoft is a $35-40 stock currently trading at $50 but nonetheless a majority of investors have overpaid or overplayed their MS holdings. VFP, with its Unlimited Free Runtime licensing, is measured alongside products that pay Redmond by the seat. Marginal contributors are naturally more endangered in lean times.
  • VFP's results are driven by upgrades.
  • If VFP doesn't pull its weight in the MS product mix, then that's a problem. "Pulling its weight" is measured by MS standards, whose expectations, historically, are demonstrably higher than industry average.
    Also therefore: If you have a MDSN subscription, with its VFP 7 CD therein, don't answer surveys saying you haven't upgraded. That would be a really dumb answer. You have the CD, you've upgraded even if you still use VFP 6. Survey sponsors are more interested in what you've bought, not what you actually use.
    If you don't upgrade, then you have no right to bitch about MS marketing and whetever MS does or doesn't do with VFP in the medium and long term.
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