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Jan Brebera

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Jan Brebera is the original and ongoing developer for the most excellent product ReFox.

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Jan, you have a problem in branding+compressing VFP's executables. We talk here about VFP 09.0.0000.7423 version.
We compile and build an exe application with VFP, named "MyApp.exe", containing a form with a command button and an image object (an image for give a bigger size to exe :) ). In Click Event of Command Button we type something like "STRTOFILE(FILETOSTR("MyApp.exe"),"Verification.txt")". Open ReFox and brand that executable, "MyApp.exe". In Windows explorer it has a size (the real size), but in "Verification.txt", the FILETOSTR() function give a bigger size!
I do not think this is the correct way to report a problem ...
if you are registered user contact the author directly,
if you are using a pirated copy, do not use it!
( Topic last updated: 2013.08.27 02:01:44 PM )