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Jill Derickson

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Jill was a programmer/designer/whatever in Silicon Valley (Tymshare/Tymnet) from 1968-1986. She took an 8 year break, and cruised the Pacific on a 40' sailboat. She's been an independent consultant, writing FPW/VFP applications for small companies in the western Pacific, since 1994.

Q: Is there enough VFP business in Saipan? Just curious.
A: Well, I settled here 3 years ago and, at that time, did a lot of work in Palau and Am. Samoa. I've built up my small business since then. At first, I had periods of inactivity, but am very busy right now. People don't seem to have any anti-FoxPro attitudes...they often don't know or care what a system is written in.

There is quite a bit of US grant money available (god bless the US taxpayer!). Unfortunately, quite a few of the Federally funded agencies use MACs.

There's at least one other independent VFP developer here (who does a lot of work in the Marshalls) and another company with a number of FP developers.
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