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Joel Leach

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Currently working for a small accounting software development shop in Nashville, TN.


- Over 10 years experience with database programming
- VFP, OOP, Client Server, Internet
- Microsoft Certified Professional (VFP and Core exam, one to go for MCSD)

Life Story:

My programming journey started when I was a kid in the early 80's. My friend bought a $50 computer from Radio Shack that plugged into the TV and had a calculator style keyboard. I wrote a few little BASIC programs that, of course, disappeared as soon as the computer was turned off. So, I was overjoyed when my Dad bought us an IBM PCjr. It actually had a floppy drive and 128K RAM. I was able to write more complex programs, plus copy games out of Compute! magazine .

I found my first job in 1989 in Sulphur, Louisiana where I was raised, and got started with database programming with dBase III. We evenutally moved up to FoxBase +. When FoxPro 2.5 came out, I soon became a DOS/Windows cross-platform expert. With all the cross-platform stuff going on, I installed OS/2 for multi-tasking on my machine and fell in love. This was definitely a blessing during the FoxPro 2.5/2.6 days, but turned out to be a curse. When Visual FoxPro was introduced, it would not work with OS/2. So I waited for the two to work together, and waited, and waited... and it never happened. I made the mistake of being more committed to my operating system than my development environment. Subsequently, I fell behind the learning curve for a few years. After installing Windows NT 4.0, I felt comfortable enough to back away from OS/2 and start working with VFP.

In early 2000, after more than 10 years at my first job, we packed our bags and headed for the hills of Nashville, TN. We love it here, and my new job has afforded me more opportunities to get experience with VFP, OOP, Client Server, and Internet stuff. I'm currently studying for MCP certification, and eventually hope to obtain the level of MCSD.
This is an area I use to personally keep track of a few developer resources I've already used.

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Wednesday Night Lectures read:

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