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Keynote Bullshit At Fox Teach 2001

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
I swear I am not making this up:

Dot Net is the fastest most robust and reliable way to build Internet applications today!
-- Michael Flynn, Wagoo Microsoft marketing bozo, in the first part of the Fox Teach 2001 keynote
I have a question: who invents this garbage? Why do intelligent software developers put up with bald-faced lies like this?
Conference organizers should not invite non VFP speakers to do a keynote at a VFP conference. The keynote speaker should at least be on the VFP team. I wonder if anyone at MS takes the MCP tests? Perhaps that should be a requirement too. -- ?CFK

Yes. Several MS folks took the VFP tests AFAIK. -- John Koziol
Check this out: -- Mike Helland
In the context of bozo statements from MS Reps, the point of this link would be....?
Val's statements were misleading? -- Mike Helland
Sorry Mike, but although Val initially said that there would be no .NET sessions in the entire event at [21:15], he then immediately backed off from that stance one second later at [21:16]. Furthermore, at [21:17], in response to a question from Alex Wieder (also at [21:17]), Val came out and said that if there was any .NET, it'd only be in the opening session. Now how much of that wasn't true aside from his initial statement that he promptly backed off from? As an aside, this whole section of text doesn't seem to be related to the original topic. -- Brad Jones
Well, yes, he did back off of it by saying Robert might mention it, but I also looked at the sessions when Val mentioned it, there was "Getting started with .NET", "Using ADO+ [which is now ADO.NET]", and "Using ASP.NET". So was his statement there are no .NET sessions at the whole event tmisleading, I would say so, and I figured since someone brought up .NET in the keynote, I thought I woud throw this out. -- Mike Helland
This is a little off topic but I just saw a little store about MS drawing back on something designed in VB. Something about retool arrays, the boolean value of true and how the logical operators OR AND are used. Where backward compatibility would be destroyed. whoops! Hey let's admit it there are some folks in Redmond that are making some bad decisions, as well as mis-speaking. DennyHolland
Question: If one should never code against base classes in VFP, does it stand to reason that one should not code directly to the .NET framework classes but rather create a new subclass layer on which to code against, or is this not an accurate comparison? -- Randy Jean
I would think that one would ALWAYS want to subclass the base classes in any object-oriented language so as to protect themselves from changes (read: bugs, "improvements", etc.) introduced into the base classes by the manufacturer. -- Brad Jones
OK, that's what I thought, too. So why is it in all the samples I look at I see them creating instances right off the .NET framework classes? Seems like the VB programmers are being led astray.... -- Randy Jean
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