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Last VFP Person Turn Out The Lights

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With the massive push to jump on the .NET bandwagon I wonder who will be left to turn out the lights. Ken Levy made it very clear that M$ will only market VFP to former users of VFP. This is very disturbing since there is little doubt in my mind that VFP makes a great middle tier tool and can beat the crap out of M$ Access.

A sad tale indeed.
Kevin McNeish presented quite a different picture. He commented that MS is a business and they will enhance Fox as long as there is profitability just like any other business in a commercial endeavor.

He also told us that MS is presenting VB.Net and C# as alternatives. MS doesn't know where people will go. They are watching - will we go to something new or stay? He admitted they don't know. As long as we stay and support Fox with our purchases, MS will continue to improve it.

So, you and I have a choice. Go or stay, what's it going to be? Joe Kuhn
here is the reference to "Ken Levy made it very clear that M$ will only market VFP to former users of VFP". I hadn't heard that and would like to read more about his comments. Peter Diotte

Peter, could see your last login in The Universal Thread was 04/17/2002. This subject (MS marketing VFP to current users) is present in some threads, you may check. Fernando Alvares

Thanks - actually I'm in there often, just don't log in. Peter Diotte

What do you mean. Not logged in = not there. Or are you an alias?

You can do a number of things on the UT without logging in, or hadn't you noticed?

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