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Session Start: Tue Sep 26 17:19:23 2000
{Evan Delay} The Montreal User Group is supposed to show up soon.

{DavidStevenson} Do we have to speak French?
{Evan Delay} Mais oui.
{DavidStevenson} I just got back from hospitality suites for Mere Mortals and dbi
{DavidStevenson} Yep. I won a drawing for dbi's Component Toolkit, so I also got invited to their room.
{Evan Delay} What is a day like a Devcon?
{Evan Delay} 8am start going to sessions... then a break..
{DavidStevenson} Sessions starting at 8am (havent made one of those yet), then plenty of time between sessions to have refreshments, visit vendor booths, and just hang out with people
{DavidStevenson} Then...
{DavidStevenson} Last night was outdoor party
{DavidStevenson} First night was keynote
{DavidStevenson} Tonight kinda open
{Evan Delay} Is there a gap between the last session and the evening activity?
{DavidStevenson} Then hanging out with the gang in the lounge until something-thirty am
{DavidStevenson} Last session ends at 5pm
{DavidStevenson} Evening activities at 7 usually
{Evan Delay} Any new VFP7 or .NET stuff to reveal?
{DavidStevenson} I just installed the Sept 15th build of VFP7, which we received today
{DavidStevenson} Intellisense is WAY COOL, and is responsible for us getting LOTS of new features, such as EARLY BINDING!
*** MFUG has joined #VisualFoxPro
{MFUG} Hello from Montreal
{DavidStevenson} Hello from DEVCON
{MFUG} I am sorry We are runing late
{MFUG} I am sorry for this . I am using the pc from the reception at the MS office in Montreal
{MFUG} I cannot do this conference because the Internet at MS in the conference room is down.
{MFUG} I have to get back to the MS room . I am sorry.
*** MFUG has quit IRC (QUIT: )
{Evan Delay} Any of the sessions especially good?
{DavidStevenson} I really enjoyed both of Kevin McNeish's sessions today...
{DavidStevenson} Desktop to the Internet (nTier design)
{DavidStevenson} Automation Server enhancements in VFP7
{DavidStevenson} Ken Levy's IntellisenseX was very good
{Evan Delay} What is that?
{DavidStevenson} Using the foxcode.dbf that drives Intellisense, to pull XML down from the web, containing VFP programs embedded in it, installing them in the component gallery, and then getting the latest version whenever you click in the gallery, and using EXECSCRIPT to run them
{DavidStevenson} This part is way cool....
{DavidStevenson} Ken had the idea...
{DavidStevenson} to develop a VFP code exchange system by combining that idea perhaps with the wiki.
{DavidStevenson} He and Steve were huddled together in the lab today, side by side, for a couple of hours working on various ideas.
{DavidStevenson} They were both typing away furiously on different things, then would stop for a moment now and then to discuss something, and then away they'd go again.
{DavidStevenson} I don't know if it's ready yet, but sounds like it will be cool.
{Evan Delay} The wiki was something I didn't know I needed. I can't live without now.
{DavidStevenson} I think there's lots more to be done with it, by thinking creatively, like the XML output that allows merging wiki queries into searches on Rick Strahl's support site.
{DavidStevenson} On Early Binding....
{DavidStevenson} We have a new GETINTERFACE() function that does a QueryInterface on a COM object to see if it supports a specified interface....
{DavidStevenson} If it does, the function returns it as a VFP object.
{DavidStevenson} Kevin McNeish said that in testing, he saw a 30-50% speed improvement in instantiating COM objects.
{DavidStevenson} New functions for XML... (similar to West Wind's utilities)
{Evan Delay} Things like XML2Cursor?
{DavidStevenson} CURSORTOXML(), which is supposed to be extremely fast... with multiple output options for variations of XML format
{DavidStevenson} Orders table, with 1000+ records, to XML in 0.15 secs
{DavidStevenson} Coming back in is slower, maybe 2+ secs
{DavidStevenson} Much more to do coming back in
{DavidStevenson} Also,
{DavidStevenson} _VFP.VFPXMLProgID new property, which can contain something like "Myxml.myxml" COM object ref which will then be called for those functions
{DavidStevenson} So, you can write your own, or plug in 3rd party
{DavidStevenson} Interesting discussions on the UT already about CLR
{DavidStevenson} I showed them to Ricardo today, and he was going to try to read all the messages
{Evan Delay} David, I seem to be on the opposite side of the fence of most people
{DavidStevenson} It's a complex issue, but I think one that needs to be thoroughly explored
{Evan Delay} I think so too. Whatever is done must be the right move.
{DavidStevenson} We need some creative thinking about how to approach CLR without giving up what we have now.
{DavidStevenson} Possibilities:
{DavidStevenson} Compile option with limited syntax
{DavidStevenson} Converter to turn VFP code into C# or VB, then compile from there
{DavidStevenson} Compile option that turns data commands into ADO or SQL commands for CLR
{Evan Delay} I can't think of any other.
{DavidStevenson} Wanna write it?
{Evan Delay} How many people do you think are at Devcon?
{DavidStevenson} I guessed 1,000, but Advisor said 1,100
{DavidStevenson} Whil's booth was very busy, with the new books going like hotcakes
{Evan Delay} You were at NOLA too?
{DavidStevenson} me? yeah
{Evan Delay} How does it compare?
{Evan Delay} Are the sessions the same?
{DavidStevenson} About the same in terms of sessions, except many more sessions here specifically on VFP7
{DavidStevenson} Same involvement by Microsoft
{DavidStevenson} Smaller number of attendees at NOLA
{DavidStevenson} Other than what's in the report and the NOLA reports, not much else, except....
{DavidStevenson} The team is still at work on new features, and new things keep being added. Early binding just showed up as a GETINTERFACE() function recently, although Calvin had it in the product already for Intellisense support. Many of the new functions are there because they needed to add something to help them with a new feature.
{DavidStevenson} I just noticed a new STREXTRACT() function, that has no documentation yet.
{DavidStevenson} I think it's probably similar to something Rick's utilities have, for say, getting all the text between a beginning and ending HTML tag
{DavidStevenson} The Coverage Profiler has new call stack options that can output to XML
{DavidStevenson} XML is everywhere you look
{Evan Delay} XML good.
{DavidStevenson} I'm looking foward to....
{DavidStevenson} Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning...
{DavidStevenson} 5 sessions on building apps with Visual Studio by the Fox team. back-to-back sessions with no other sessions at the same time (like a very long keynote)
{DavidStevenson} They'll do WinForms, WebForms, VFP COM, and show how it all fits together
{Evan Delay} Meet any new foxheads?
{DavidStevenson} Plenty of foxheads. About 40% first-time DEVCON
{DavidStevenson} Pelnty of people still looking at VFP for the first time, with old 2.6 apps to convert
{Evan Delay} That is interesting.
{DaveRein} in response to STREXTRACT & help... The new STREXTRACT( ) function is missing from the New Commands, Functions and Classes help topic. You can access the topic directly from the Index tab.
{DavidStevenson} Thanks, Dave
{Evan Delay} Dave, where are you signing in from? You have VFP7?
{DaveRein} I am at Devcon... Just installed it.
{Evan Delay} Devcon Questions:
{Evan Delay} Can Jim Booth really sing the blues?
{DavidStevenson} Last night Booth did a screamin' version of House of the Rising Sun... pretty amazing
{Evan Delay} Does Cindy wear purple?
{DavidStevenson} Cindy is always Purple.
{DavidStevenson} Well, I'm gonna wander downstairs now and see what's happening
{DavidStevenson} bye Session Close: Tue Sep 26 18:24:51 2000 ---- CategoryVFPConferences
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