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Long Haired Visual FoxPro Programmers Club

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
These are the long haired people that write VFP code:

Rod Paddock
MarkusEgger (sometimes pony tail sub-chapter)
Rick Strahl
YAlan Griver (Pony tail sub-chapter)
Barry RLee (Pony tail sub-chapter)
Steve Sawyer (Pony tail sub-chapter)
Tamar Granor (Pony tail and I'm getting gray sub-chapter)
Miriam Liskin
Cindy Winegarden (Pony tail and I'm getting gray sub-chapter)
Roxanne Seibert (gray-but-hiding-it subchapter) =D)
Kristyne McDaniel (sometimes pony tail and a little gray sub-chapter)
Bill Caputo
Peter Crabtree (With a Santa hat, I've been described as "Grunge Santa" : - no care but shampooing sub-chapter)

Former members:
Ken Levy (Not that long ago....)
Whil Hentzen (Not that long ago....)
Steven Black (Long, long time ago. Never, ever in a pony tail)
Ed Leafe (Even longer ago...)
Mike Feltman (Not quite as long ago)

Virtual Members (otherwise known as 'follicularly-challenged'):
Jim BoothOffsite link to
Michael Levy
Jefferey Donnici

Mil-Spec Hair
John Koziol
Last I heard it was grown out some.

Wanna-be Members (The guy next door look)
John Petersen

See also the Short Haired Visual Foxpro Programmers Club:
My hairlength
is directly
related to my Wisdom
Programming Knowledge

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