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On 4/4/01, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology made a press release entitled MIT to make nearly all course materials available free on the World Wide Web.
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The press release begins:
CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- MIT President Charles M. Vest has announced that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will make the materials for nearly all its courses freely available on the Internet over the next ten years. He made the announcement about the new program, known as MIT_OpenCourseWare (MITOCW), at a press conference at MIT on Wednesday, April 4th.
And here's another excerpt:
The Open Course Ware project will begin as a large-scale pilot program over the next two years. The first steps include design of the software and services needed to support such a large endeavor, as well as protocols to monitor and assess its utilization by faculty and students at MIT and throughout the world. By the end of the two-year period, it is expected that materials for more than 500 courses would be available on the MIT_OpenCourseWare site.

MIT sees a variety of benefits coming from the MIT_OpenCourseWare project:
  • Institutions around the world could make direct use of the MIT_OpenCourseWare materials as references and sources for curriculum development. These materials might be of particular value in developing countries that are trying to expand their higher education systems rapidly.
  • Individual learners could draw upon the materials for self-study or supplementary use.
  • The MIT_OpenCourseWare infrastructure could serve as a model for other institutions that choose to make similar content open and available.
  • Over time, if other universities adopt this model, a vast collection of educational resources will develop and facilitate widespread exchange of ideas about innovative ways to use those resources in teaching and learning.
  • MIT_OpenCourseWare will serve as a common repository of information and channel of intellectual activity that can stimulate educational innovation and cross-disciplinary educational ventures.


This is a noteworthy announcement in its own right, with broad implications about the future of education and its relationship to the Internet. I also see it as a fascinating opportunity for VFP marketing, since FoxPro is at the forefront of tools for building collaborative web-based information repositories. The MIT_OpenCourseWare project is an extremely ambitious undertaking, which is only beginning to take shape and is expected to unfold over a period of years. If we have the nerve to tackle it, opportunity knocks. - mda
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