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Mac Rubel

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Malcolm (Mac) Rubel is president of Performance Dynamics Associates, an consulting firm with offices in New York City, Bar Harbor Maine and other places where there is good fishing.

He is the father of five wonderful children with his late wife, Rachel. Sasha is a Fullbright Scholar, doing AIDS relief work in Mali, Thomas is a Marine Sniper currently on vacation in Ramadi, Iraq, and Nina has moved to Australia. Tessa and Nicolas remain normal.

Mac will be a New Yorker only until the end of 2006. After that he is going to call Minnesott Beach, North Carolina, home. He is finally moving out of the City That Never Sleeps after 25 years. He is also going to start his new career as a fishing guide. See him at
Mac Rubel was also one of the giants when I got involved in FP back in the 2.0 days. He wrote books and provided online code and advice at a time when FoxPro was experiencing explosive growth and "online" meant Compuserve via a dial-up modem. IME he is a gentleman and all-around great guy, so I hope he catches lots of fish and that his daughter sees sense and gets out of that dreadful desert continent called Australia. --RVBoy
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