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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
Microsoft Map Point is a member of the Office product family. It provides mapping functionality both standalone and as an ActiveX control.

It allows you to import and display data. It is also an Automation server. See MP2K Magazine for an active discussion forum and article and a newsletter regarding Map Point technologies.

The Map Point family is made up of 3 products, Map Point itself (the rich client), Map Point Web Services and Map Point Location Server. The web services are not easy to call from VFP (in short, because they use digest authentication and the WSDL is too complex for the native VFP WSDL parser to handle sucessfully). I've written a COM wrapper (in VB.NET 2005) around the web services and written a sample form to show the Find and Render services. The code for both the COM wrapper and the sample form is up on the Project Distributor site (see

Contributors Andrew Coates

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