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Markus Voellmy

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Markus Voellmy

Originating from Basel, Switzerland (and still living here) I'm the technical director (hm ... make that the guy with the screw driver and the solder iron) of a local taxicab enterprise.

After some experiences with Fortran and Cobol I discovered the fun of database programming using dBase II. With a little sidestep into the world of the ATARI (yep, one could use them for serious programming tasks too :-) ) I returned to the standard PC and to FoxPro for Windows 2.6.

Our main business applications are written with FPW but we are now moving them to VFP. So I'm working with FPW 2.6, VFP 7 and MSDE mainly.

Helped Josh Assing write Ping X
Markus is very active in the community, he even had his own chat server

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