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Martin Salias

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Martín Salías (Buenos Aires, Argentina) is an Independent Software Architect, providing training and mentoring to development teams around the world. He has more than twenty years in the software industry working with several different platforms and many different programming (and spoken) languages. He was Editor in Chief for Universal Thread Magazine, and is currently Editor of Level Extreme .NET Magazine, a member of the Agile Alliance, and a Microsoft MVP.

He started programming assembler and C on the old Z-80 processor (mostly developing base software for MSX machines), and then I started working on PC's, passing from C/C++ to FoxBase and FoxPro, then VFP. In the middle, Java and Delphi small experiences helped him enter the .NET space, where he specializes mostly in architectural guidance and reviews.

Martín Salías
Buenos Aires - Argentina
Level Extreme .NET Magazine Editor in Chief
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