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Michael Babcock

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Michael Babcock is a software developer who is the President/CEO of MBSoftware Solutions ( and was the Founder/President of the Central Pennsylvania Visual FoxPro User Group (Central Pa Visual Foxpro User Group).

Michael has passed both MS 70-156 and MS 70-155 exams to earn his MCP status, with focus areas in VFP, and SQL. Michael is a huge proponent of OOP and reusability.

Michael's primary development language has been VFP since the mid to late 1990s, and before that, Assembler, Pascal, and VB.

Michael was one of the featured speakers at Fox Forward 2K6 and 2K7, for the topic of "n-tier design using a real life solution." Michael has made several contributions to the Pro Fox community in the Downloads section (

Also chief software architect of following products:
Fab Mate / Fab Net -- estimating framework designed primarily for fabricators, but completely customizable and probable to use in other estimating industry needs as well
H2Office -- water billing software
Pallet Scheduler -- custom scheduling software for pallet creation companies
CutList -- custom cutlist tracking for pallet creation companies
Lumber Tracking Program -- tracks lumber received for pallet creation companies
FinishedGoods -- tracks finished lumber through plant including treatment and shipping for pallet creation companies
PieceRate -- tracks piecerate $$ for employees for pallet creation companies
OrderTaker -- tracks orders for stationary-type materials company

Michael uses a MySQL web database backend for all solutions and VFP9 for the front end and business rule side of things. Plenty of satisfied (and still ongoing) customers!

Michael is sometimes available for remote work/consultation (very affordable!)!

Contact information:
MB Software Solutions
Michael J. Babcock, MCP
815 Academy Ave.
Owings Mills, MD 21117-2101
Cell: (717) 350-2759
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