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Michael Chean

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
Current Work Address:
BCS Systems
2501 W. Burbank Blvd. #306
Burbank CA. 91505

I've been working with Foxpro since 2.0.
Am currently working on normalizing our data from a propietary ISAM database into VFP tables. Want to port our application, which is a Legal Time and Billing package to VFP or some other OO language. Currently using Codemine.

Interested in pursuing the possibility of publishing applications as Open Source, but don't know how that would work.

Also interested in Extreme Programming, Small Talk, XML, SOAP. Like to visit the WIKI at C2 which is the original, but they really ought to take a look at what Steven Black has done here.

Personal interests are bike riding (roadie), Kung Fu (Hung Gar Style) and Buddhism (Therevada primarily).

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