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Michael Reynolds

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Michael has been developing in FoxPro since it was first introduced as Fox BASE, and was using dBASE II and dBASE III+ prior to that. He's been in computers since 1977, and has also developed (or still is) in Perl, PHP, Visual Basic, VBA, ASP, VB.NET, C#, SharePoint, Cognos Impromptu, Cognos BI, Informatica, HTML, Java Script, Assembler (Octal before that!), RAMIS, FORTRAN, and COBOL. He spent 10 years in the Air Force as a telecommunications and computer technician.

He has worked for Mentor Worldwide (a Johnson & Johnson company), Sprint, Deckers Outdoor (Teva, Simple, UGG), and Snohomish County (WA).

Michael's is also the Webmaster for his wife, Sue, who is a Master Herbalist and Lifestyle Coach. The site is at, and contains several thousand pages, where about 95% of the site is generated by a FoxPro inventory database, which in turn generates Perl code that provides the web content. The Perl code supports multiple hosted sites, and adjusts the look and feel for each site. He's also a part-time independent developer, and completed a project that assists in Public Works departments throughout the country to become accredited agencies.
Michael is based in Santa Barbara, California.


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