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The Midwest Fox Pros User Group meets monthly in the Kansas City area. Meetings typically are from 6:30PM - 9PM on the 2nd Thursday of each month. See the group's web site for details.
February 8, 2007
Speaker: Bob Wright

Not so fast.. When using cursors, some of the things what we've been told are fast in VFP can be performance intensive in certain control structures. We are going to examine code that apply techiques that will help us all get maximum performance in proces intensive applications.
May 11, 2006
Speaker: Rick Schummer of White Light Computing

Please note that Rick will start presenting at 6:30 PM as he has two separate

1. "Best Practices for Error Handling and Reporting"

2. "The Professional Developer's Toolkit"

This is another stop on his "Real World Fox 2006 Tour". Rick is an author, VFP
MVP and a frequent presenter at VFP Conferences.
Past User Group Meeetings
November 18, 2003
Kevin McNeish: VFP vs .NET
March 13 2003 Meeting: Question and Answer time is 6:30 to 7:00.

At 7:00, Rich Simpson of Mind's Eye, Inc.
will present his new Report Engine Control.

This Report Engine control was demonstrated at the GLGDW 2002 in Milwalkee last fall and was very impressive. Since then it has been presented at the Chicgo FUDG and the Dallas/Fort Worth User Groups.

This new control makes it easy to do graphs and barcodes in a VFP Report as well as support for saving reports to PDF without requiring
any 3rd party PDF printer drivers or tools. It also does PAGE X OF Y
without making any extra passes on the Report. The Report Engine also supports appending multiple VFP Reports into a single Report Preview as well as sending multiple reports to a single PDF or a single print job. It also supports multiple page sizes and page orientations in single Report Preview. Since there is VFP code driving the Report Engine you can even extend it's capabilities to add support such as Subreports and more.

The main power of the tool is that you now have a Report Object that you can
manipulate at runtime and it is extremely fast.

For more information about this Report Engine, check out Mind's Eye, Inc.
April 10 2003 Meeting: Question and Answer time is 6:30 to 7:00.

At 7:00, Doug Carpenter of Visionpace
will present his Essential Fox Conference session on Windows Script Hosting.

Hector Correa of Visionpace
will present his Essential Fox Conference session on Try...Catch...Finally exception/error handling in VFP 8.
April 24 2003 Meeting: On Thursday, April 24, 2003 we will have a special meeting on a special night. Several of the speakers at the Essential Fox Conference 2003 will meet for a panel discussion the night before the conference begins in Kansas City. We have commitments from the following
  • Marcia Akins
  • Craig Bernston
  • Marcus Egger
  • Doug Hennig
  • Whil Hentzen
  • Andy Kramek
  • Rick Schummer
  • Drew Speedie
    This event will be free and open to everyone who wants to attend as there will be several people in attendance in town for the Essential Fox conference. Make plans to attend this special event!

    If you have a question for the panel, please send an email to MWFPUG President

    The meeting will start at 6:30 pm. More details to come.

    The meeting will be at Westin Crown Center in Kansas City Missouri located at 1 Pershing Road Kansas City, Missouri 64108

    Agendas from previous meetings...
    February 13 2003 Meeting: Question and Answer time is 6:30 to 7:00.

    At 7:00 Bob Wright of Visual Cactus will do a presentation on the new VFP 8 feature, Try..Catch and compare and contrast this feature with .NET Try..Catch.

    Chris Bohling of Preferred Physicians will do a presentation on e-mail Automation.
    Dave Aring of Visionpace will do a presentation on VFP Etch-a-Sketch.

    Ray Kurian's presentation on on how to use the n-tier services of VMP 2002 with VFP7 is postponed due to a scheduling conflict and will be re-scheduled for a later date.
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