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Migration From Foxpro To Net

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Are there any methodologies or tools that help in migrating Foxpro to .net applications?

  • VFP Conversions
  • West Wind articles
  • GotDotNet
  • Kevin McNeish's book fro, Hentzenwerke
  • Les Pinter's "Visual FoxPro to Visual Basic.NET"
  • A .NET Compiler for VFP from eTechnologia
  • Guineu , a VFP runtime written in NET by Christof Wollenhaupt
  • Visual FoxPro Toolkit for .NET - a class library with over 225 Visual FoxPro functions implemented in C# and VB
  • Migration from FoxPro to C# with pre-conversion

    Is his (Kevin's) book geared toward using .NET with VFP or learning .NET from a VFP-developer's perspective but 100% independent of VFP. i.e., when it comes to web services, he does not go the VFP-COM route, but rather, the ASP .NET route?

    My understanding is it's about C# and .Net from a VFP developer's perspective. This is based on what I recall from his talk in Chicago - see McNeish On DotNet. I didn't take notes on what he said about the book, sorry. Don't see anything about it on Whil's site. Joe Kuhn

    .NET for VFP Developers

    It is the 2nd; learning .Net from a VFP developer's perspective. And he covers both VB and C#, and both Windows forms and Web forms (I think he also has a small section on InterOp). It is very clearly written. I give it 4 stars. Mike Collins

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