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Mike Helland

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Mike Helland

I used to work for ARS Solutions, LTD.

I did that for ten years, man. 1996 to 2006.

You ever work in the same place for ten years?

I had enough. Now I run my own recording studio and label. I pay my bills playing ZZ Top tunes in dive bars.

Whatever works, right?

Let's see. I have been using Fox since VFP3 was released. I used to be an MVP too.

My main interests are science, philosophy, and music.

I've got this theory, that the popular Western worldview is a combination of Newtonian metaphysics and Christian theology, but this is a recent and temporary trend in philosophy; civilization since the beginning has always promoted a different, more sophisticated metaphysics/theology: the absolute/relative dualism obviouslly apparent in ancient Judaism and Taoism, modern existentialism, and most everything in between.

My theory is that the reason the sophisticated framework was set aside during the rise of Newton's simpler metaphysics is because calculus and algebra done on paper was the only technology we could use to formalize it and not powerful enough for the dualism; in my lifetime, that ol' crappy dirt road has turned into an 8 lane interstate. The new technology will allow for a the old metaphysics to grow into scientific models for the first time in 3000 years.

Some day it'll be the most revolutionary idea since Yahweh, or the Tao, or Nirvana, ect... You heard it here first.


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