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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
Q186298 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q186298 HOWTO: Get the HRESULT From a COM Object
Q186722 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q186722 HOWTO: Programmatically Install a True Type Font
Q186920 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q186920 HOWTO: Change the Report Designer Ruler Measurement
Q188064 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q188064 PRB: ISRLOCKED() and ISFLOCKED() Return Incorrect Values
Q188403 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q188403 HOWTO: Modify Report Fields Programmatically
Q189117 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q189117 BUG: Printing from Outlook w/ @...SAY Results in Light Printing
Q189265 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q189265 INFO: Microsoft Graph Constants
Q189918 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q189918 HOWTO: Administer SQL Server Users from Visual FoxPro
Q190064 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q190064 HOWTO: Build SELECT Statements Based on User Column Privileges
Q190741 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q190741 HOWTO: Get User Information Using ADSI
Q190878 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q190878 HOWTO: Get Visual FoxPro Options Registry Settings
Q191501 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q191501 HOWTO: Detect If the Floppy Drive Is Ready on Windows NT
Q191526 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q191526 PRB: READ MENU In DO..WHILE Loop Causes VFP Screen to Jump
Q191950 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q191950 HOWTO: Control Microsoft Agent with Visual FoxPro
Q192300 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q192300 HOWTO: Use ADSI for Printer Information and Control
Q192303 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q192303 HOWTO: Convert Decimal Integers to Hexadecimal Strings
Q192304 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q192304 HOWTO: Check for a Writeable Drive Under Windows NT
Q192352 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q192352 HOWTO: Invoke the "Open With..." Dialog Box Using _shellexecute
Q192353 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q192353 HOWTO: Generate Random Strings
Q192580 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q192580 SAMPLE: ADSfshare.exe Demonstrates Manipulating ADS File Shares
Q192761 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q192761 BUG: Startup Program Fails with NOLOGO Switch
Q192764 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q192764 HOWTO: Provide Inverse AT() Functionality
Q192766 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q192766 SAMPLE: ADSIBrow.exe Browses Active Directory w/ Visual FoxPro
Q192978 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q192978 PRB: Query Output to Label or Report Prints All Records
Q193573 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q193573 HOWTO: Determine the Version of a DLL
Q194184 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q194184 INFO: General Protection Fault Error Handling in VFP 6.0 and 7.0
Q195625 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q195625 FIX: Set Component Gallery Dynamic Folder to HTMLHelp Fails
Q195628 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q195628 FIX: VFP Will Not Shutdown With Multiple Component Galleries
Q195848 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q195848 SAMPLE: ADSIPrnt.exe Demonstrates ADSI Print Job Control
Q196773 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q196773 FIX: Slow View Performance with Sybase ODBC Driver
Q197861 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q197861 ADOCtl.Exe Demonstrates Active Documents, RDS and ADO
Q197947 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q197947 HOWTO: Get Computer Information Using ADSI
Q197948 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q197948 HOWTO: Get Domain Information Using ADSI
Q198130 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q198130 PRB: FLL Causes Error After Recompilation
Q201131 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q201131 BUG: Mixed Case Option Does Not Function Properly in Beautify
Q218453 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q218453 FIX: Custom Expr. Builder Value Not Accepted in Report Designer
Q218457 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q218457 BUG: Custom Expression Builder Crashes Query and View Designers
Q221707 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q221707 FIX: Trace Breaks Too Often With Breakpoint on SET("NULL")
Q221709 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q221709 FIX: Component Gallery Refresh Button for Web View Doesn't Work
Q221718 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q221718 FIX: C0000005 Fatal Error Saving Form Set After Add Cancel in DE
Q229779 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q229779 PRB: Data Environment Stores Paths as Relative Paths
Q234212 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q234212 HOWTO: Insert a Line into a Text File Using Low-level File Functions
Q234225 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q234225 HOWTO: Instantiate Multiple Copies of HTML Help in Visual FoxPro 6.0
Q251310 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q251310 HOWTO: Exit Windows from Visual FoxPro
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