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A quick recount tells me I now have twenty-plus years of software development in environments starting from IBM 370s through various minis (mainly VAX) and ending in PCs with languages from COBOL, PL/1, C and for the last 10 years or so almost exclusively VB.
Since 1987 I've been mostly working in and around the London Investment banking "industry".
I still remember stumbling on VB 1, a couple of months after it launched to little fanfare. When we'd completed a Windows 3.0 program a couple of days after the VB floppies arrived, having struggled to produce a working front end in C for six weeks, the epiphany was complete and I've seldom strayed too far, although VBA (mostly Excel) seems to play a large part in my working life and I have been known to dabble with Delphi when the need for speed becomes too great.

This is code?

What I done and where I done it:
1978-83 Operator, then COBOL programmer, British Insurance Association
83-87 Development consultant for BIS Applied Systems, Trainer, basic & structured Business Analysis
87-90 Developer, project manager, technical architect, Credit Suisse First Boston. Mostly fixed income settlements
91-96 Development Manager, Tokai Bank Europe, mostly trading tools, trade capture and P&L
96-97 Developer, Deutsche Bank Arbitrage, much the same as above
97-98 Trading tool Developer, CSFB (again) Index arbitrage
98-99 IT Manager, Medici Capital Management. This hedge fund job is still the best job I ever had. What a shame we went out of business.
99-00 Worldlink ITS. Various important-sounding titles. My bid for tech startup megabucks. Mobile internet stuff. The code they had sucked and they wouldn't change it. Still limping along, apparently. The only money I ever made was the redundancy cheque.
00-01 Lehman Brothers. More index arbitrage work, focused on risk this time
01-now Abbey National Financial Products. Golly, I seem to have turned into an Excel/VBA/VB risk application guy. How did that happen?
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