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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
Gracious VolunterHousekeepers keep this wiki neat. You can too!

For nice-to-know details about formatting topics, see Wiki Formatting Examples.

Some reasons to edit wiki pages:
Here are typical little messes that are hard to avoid but easy to take care of. Do it, and help make this wiki more valuable.
If you have read the above, and understand the use of Wiki Name Spaces on the Wiki, and want to be able to change the name space of topics, then click this link: __ IAm AVolunteer House Keeper (see The Wiki Cookie for how this works) and add your name to the appropriate Volunteer Housekeepers page. The namespace links appear under the topic title in regular pages. Steven Black

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Meta Description: Information for volunteer housekeepers of the FoxPro Wiki.
Meta Keywords: Wiki housekeeping, formatting, orientation
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