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Beginning January 2011, Microsoft will no longer be awarding MVP status in the Visual FoxPro expertise.
MVP is a Microsoft program that identifies people in the user community who contribute peer-to-peer support in NewsGroups, the Universal Thread, Fox Forum, Pro Fox, and other venues.

A list of FoxPro MVP websites is on the MVPs.ORG site at

Information on the MVP program:

VFP MVPs who hang out here:
Guys, before we get too confused, can we talk about the year designations? My sense is that the award comes with a year attached, so people awarded last year have 2001. The list here should reflect the years in which one received the award, not a range from the year first awarded until not awarded any more. That is, if you only received the award in 2000 and 2001, it should list 2000-2001 next to your name, not 2000-2002. Feel free to disagree, but let's talk about it. -- Tamar Granor

I think a standard should be used. I propose one of the following:

  • The starting year should be used for everything. This is the same as what Tamar is proposing.
  • The ending year should be used for everyhting. The problem with this one is that most if not all entries would have to be edited to reflect the years. For example, my entry would be 2001 to present because my initial year ended in 2001. It started in Oct 2000.
  • List actual ranges of years awarded. Ex. 2000-2001, 2001-2002 This would require a lot of extra bandwidth to download.
    I like Option 2. You legacy people need to change your stuff. ;-) -- Larry Miller
    At least some of the certificates I've received from Microsoft include a year. That's the year that the award is given for. (For example, the awards coming out now are for 2002.) I think the listing above should reflect the award year. A really good argument for this is that over the years, the awards have been issued at different times of year. For example, I have a letter from March 1993 congratulating on being a 1993 MVP. (To come clean, I did just find one certificate that says 2000/2001.)
    I don't think there's a notion of starting and ending involved here, though. The award is given for past efforts, like an Oscar or an Emmy. -- Tamar Granor
    I like my little since.. but I'm a minimalist *g* ?df
    I agree with df.. It's easy to see when someone was first awarded, how long they have been, and when their last award was. -- Craig Berntson

    Even a minimalist shouldn't mind updating the thing once a year with one more number. Or are you so minimal that you don't want to touch it until the day comes where you are not re-awarded?

    Conforming to standards after the fact always causes an initial period of overwork. :-) -- Larry Miller

    OK, but how about folks like me -- I was an MVP before, for a year or so, then terminated, and now back. No contiguous years of service. Drew Speedie

    Since a couple of people have asked recently, here's the list of MVPs from the 1993 DevCon binder. This is the list from the first year of the program:

    Pat Adams
    Jim BoothOffsite link to
    Tamar Granor
    Calvin Hsia, now a Microsoft employee
    Tom Rettig (deceased, unfortunately)
    Lisa Slater, now Lisa Slater Nicholls

    Doug Dodge - I'm not sure who added Doug here and I know he was an MVP pretty early on, but he's not one of the original group. As my question below indicates, neither was Joel Neely and I have no idea who he is or why he was listed in the 1993 binder. -- Tamar Granor
    I stand corrected. I was cleaning my office today and found a folder from the first year of the MVP program listing all the MVP's (not just FoxPro). Joel A. Neely is on the list for FoxPro. I still don't remember the guy, but the packet includes a bio for him.--TamarGranor

    Maybe that's Doug's deep dark secret? ;-) -- Mike Helland

    I only have one question. Does anyone know who Joel Neely is? -- Tamar Granor
    Out of curiosity, I looked this guy up on google. This is the only possible link I could find: [Link broken, 01/02/2003 -- see instead] Perhaps he was a FoxPro for Mac guru at one time? It still amazes me how much new stuff you come across on the web in a search like this, as in a programming language called Rebol. Never heard of it *g*. -- Joel Leach

    A "Joel Neely" page on the Wiki Wiki Web --
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