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Ms Product Activation

Namespace: WIN_COM_API

Discuss the impact of Microsoft's move toward stricter protection against pirating, the Product Activation feature, and how the related upcoming policy of selling software on a subscription basis will affect third party developers.

Issues that this impacts:
  • Decreasing availability of office.application automation objects -- Think about it: Most (many) computers now have some version (even if not the latest) of MS Office installed. Finally, in version 6, the various office products had a viable (maybe even "good"!) OLE AutomationServer, and newer versions are pretty well compatible back to v6. So this presents a large installed base of tools for third party products to use as extended features.

    Now, Microsoft is trying to force a continuing revenue by offering a lower initial price for a subscription, forcing people to pay every year to keep using MsOffice. If people don't pay, they can't create new documents. This probably means that AutomationServers can't create new documents, either, thereby disabling any third-party programs that used to benefit by it.
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