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The MVP Award, which stands for "Most Valuable Professional" is an annual award given to outstanding members of Microsoft's peer-to-peer communities. The following list contains all of the names of the current VFP MVPs who have received awards for the 2003 - 2004 award cycle.
Per Ken Levy on Universal Thread 10/02/2003:

VFP MVP awards are given to those who are actively helping VFP developers on "FoxPro" related topics. Mostly online contributes for "technical assistance", but also adding to that is speaking at VFP events, writing VFP articles and books - on the topic of "FoxPro".

... I think it is good to have this issue clarified. It is not about politics or opinions, it is about FoxPro specific activity ...
Congratulations to everyone on this list, all of whom deserve it, and for some it's long overdue formal recognition. I presume MS is devising some sort of UberCategory in which to place Whil, Ted, and Jim. -- Steven Black

I agree, Steve. For Whil and Ted NOT to be on this list is kind of bizarre. - Andrew MacNeill
Trevor Hancock [MS] MVP Lead
Posted by Ken Levy on Universal Thread: ---
As of today (October 1, 2003), there is an updated list of Microsoft MVPs (Most Valued Professionals). Below is the new list of MVPs, and I listed the new VFP MVPs below as well.

New VFP MVP list (10/1/03-09/30/04):

  • Alex Feldstein
  • AndersAltberg
  • Andy Kramek
  • Barbara Peisch
  • Barbara Paltiel
  • Carl Warner
  • Cathy Pountney
  • Cetin Basoz
  • Christof Wollenhaupt
  • Cindy Winegarden
  • Claudio Lassala
  • Craig Berntson
  • Dan Freeman
  • David Frankenbach
  • Doug Hennig
  • Ed Leafe
  • EnriqueAlban Ipanaqué
  • Ericden Doop
  • Fred Taylor
  • Frederic Steczycki
  • Garrett Fitzgerald
  • George Tasker
  • HolgerVorberg
  • HongJuZhang
  • Igor Vit
  • Isaac Venegas
  • Jim Duffy
  • Jose Marcenaro
  • Juergen Wondzinski
  • Les Pinter
  • Luis Maria Guayan
  • Marcia Akins
  • Mark McCasland
  • MichelFournier
  • Pablo Roca Rozas
  • Rainer Becker
  • Rick Schummer
  • Rick Bean
  • RomanSegaud
  • Sergey Berezniker
  • Stefan Wuebbe
  • Tamar Granor
    New MVPs in the list above:

  • AndersAltberg
  • Cathy Pountney
  • Dan Freeman
  • Ericden Doop
  • Garrett Fitzgerald
  • HongJuZhang
  • Les Pinter
  • Rick Bean
  • RomanSegaud
    Former VFP MVPs who are now .NET MVPs:

  • CathiGero
  • Kevin McNeish
  • MarkusEgger
  • Rick Strahl
    Not renewed from Mvp Vfp 2003

  • Enrique Ramirez
  • Jim BoothOffsite link to
  • JoseSamper
  • Kamal Patel
  • Larry Miller
  • Mike Helland
  • Nancy Folsom
  • Nick Neklioudov
  • Ted Roche
  • UdoBierlage
  • Whil Hentzen
  • WolfgangSchmale
    The most current list is here.
    See: Most Valuable Professional
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