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An Open Source SQL server.

Runs on many platforms: Many Unixes (Linux, Free BSD, HP-UX, SGI Irex, SCO, and more), Windows, Mac, and more.

MySQL was originally developed to handle very large databases much faster than existing solutions and has been successfully used in highly demanding production environments for several years. Though under constant development, MySQL today offers a rich and very useful set of functions. The connectivity, speed, and security make MySQL highly suited for accessing databases on the Internet.

There are windows odbc drivers for it.

All for free.

Well, free as long as you don't want to sell your application, if I read the license correctly:
The Commercial License, which allows you to provide commercial software licenses to your customers or distribute MySQL - based applications within your organization. This is for organizations that do not want to release the source code for their applications as open source / free software; in other words they do not want to comply with the GNU General Public License (GPL).

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You're reading that wrong. The CDDL allows distribution without providing source code, where the GPL does not. Neither have anything to do with Paid or Free (as in beer) software.
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MySQL Administrative Front Ends
Browser-based: MyPHPAdmin
Desktop-based: MySQLcc, SQLyog

MySQL Query Browser: Now called MySQLWorkbench
MySQL Admin: Now called MySQLWorkbench

-- David Fung
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