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Nancy Folsom

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I've been developing Xbase business information applications for both private and government customers since 1989. I've written articles for Fox Talk, CoDe Magazine (EPS Publishing), and the Virtual Fox User Group Newsletter. I am also the the author of the book Debugging [[Visual FoxPro]] Applications (Hentzenwerke Publishing).

Current projects include on-going development for a retail point-of-sale system, various mentoring projects, and development of an ASP.NET frontend to a legacy Visual FoxPro application. My other experience includes the domains of accounting, cost estimating, facilities management, project management, point-of-sale, time and billing, among others, for both private and public sector customers including the U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Department of Defense, NEC, and the Alliance for Transportation Research Institute. I've been been a FoxPro Microsoft Most Valuable Professional 1998-2003.


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