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"There's Big Money in Small Niches"
A good link about marketing plans for niche markets: In summary, it recommends that a simple plan may look like this: Note that many very successful VFP developers do one or more (or all) these things.
Excellent post by Seth Godin titled Average .
Mass marketing works best when it assumes that everybody in the entire chain is just plain average. Or even a little bit less. Sorry to lower your expectations.

Niche marketing, on the other hand, can thrive if it starts with the assumption that average products by average people for average people is just not your thing. Remember, though, that your sales expectations have to be in line with your niche mantra. Be picky. Make great stuff. Work with amazing people. Just don't expect everyone to love what you do.
-- Steven Black
A major driver of niche marketing is referrals. Therefore, if you aren't a good enough developer to get several dispassioante people to recommend you, then you probably won't be very successful in a niche market like Visual FoxPro. If you are a good developer, then make sure as many people as possible know it. Protect your reputation at all cost, and always deliver incredible value. For more, see Steven Black Niche web marketing is where it's at.
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