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Object Orientation In Visual FoxPro

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Object Orientation In Visual FoxPro
Author: Savannah Brentnall
Publisher: Addison Wesley Developers Press
ISBN: 0-201-47943-5
An excellent book for beginners of real OOP, not just VFP, but C++ etc. If you are coming from VB or some other object based language, you are in for a surprise and this book will help you prepare for OOP shock. Savannah does a great job at whizzing through not only the basics but some of the more tricky implications in record time. It was a quick read but huge return on investment. It is only 200 pages. I think it can be read in an afternoon. -- Carl Karsten
Agreed. I originally passed this book up because it was so small. Once I finally did buy it (after trying a bunch of other books), I found that this was the book that turned the OOP light on for me. I finally "got" it. It made the concepts so obvious that I was a little annoyed at the time I wasted on those other books. A must read for anyone new to OOP. -- Paul Mrozowski
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