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On Being In The First Wave

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A history of FP and VFP and the first wave of new technologies

Given the doubts about VFP and Dot Net, a look at history is in order. The conclusion: If dot net takes off, when dot net takes off, nothing stops VFP from evolving there. In the meantime, while the thing is unstable, changing, and being debugged, thanks to MS for giving us VFP 7 in a timely fashion, unfettered by the technology-peddling-for-the-sake-of-technology-peddling going on behind the scenes.-- Steven Black
The wave Where was FP / VFP? The view from 33,000 ft
DOS-Windows Foxpro for DOS not in the initial wave of Windows applications Did not matter. FP for Windows released a short while later. In 2001, FoxPro for DOS is still in use at thousands of sites.
Drag and Drop FoxPro not among the initial products supporting drag and drop interfaces. GENSCRNX gave drag and drop capabilities to FPW and FPD. Today drag and drop interfaces are not uncommon and not a big deal. Regardless, VFP supports it amply.
ActiveX VFP not among the initial products fully supporting ActiveX. Better ActiveX support added later, and incrementally improved over time.
COM and DCOM VFP not among the initial products supporting COM and DCOM. It took quite a while for COM to stabilize and be adopted. Today the COM and DCOM story for VFP is excellent.
DAO RDO VFP not among the products supporting DAO and RDO Neither DAO or RDO are around anymore. Those who chose those data technologies still ride the ever-changing MS data technologies rollercoaster.
Active Documents VFP got Active Documents relatively early! God, what a waste of resources! Active Documents never amounted anything; it's relatively useless technology as far as VFP goes. Think what VFP 5 would have been had Active Document development resources otherwise been directed for something useful.
ADO VFP not among the initial products supporting ADO. Today the ADO support in VFP is excellent, although still not seamless. (See COM and DCOM above).
Dot Net VFP not among the initial products fully participating in Dot Net framework ? Prediction: MS has never been good at framework building. Assuming this eventually amounts to something, VFP has plenty of time to evolve that way. Meanwhile VFP can play through COM, XML, SOAP, and 3rd-party solutions which may be plenty for the next few years.

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