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Open Letter Factors To Consider Section

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What are the main forces that must be considered and resolved?
Recall the flow of any well structured argument: Problem => Factors to consider => Options => Recommendation (Analysis) => Do this for Implementation (creativity)
This topic relates to Open Letter To Microsoft, an issue in February 2001
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Factors to Consider These are the forces to resolve. A bullet list might work well here.
Some factors to consider have been removed, and so have the comments that critiqued them
One initiative that could prove beneficial to this argument and IT in general is to invite Gartner Group to present a better alternative to VFP instead of just putting the language down without thorough and provable representation. ChrisJohnson

Michael, I don't believe that promoting VFP will assist MS's bottom line through more sales. If developers leave VFP, where do they go? I'd warrant a good number go to VB. Where is the loss for MS, or the gain if people stay in VFP- especially if both are in the same visual studio? Surely bottom line can only improve if people migrate to VFP from (say) Java or cobol, who would not have gone to VB; or if people leave VFP and move to (say) Java or powerbuilder.

An alternative important "gain" comes if another group of developers with a reputation for independence and not swimming completely with the MS flow, agrees with MS's direction and has sufficient experience with object orientation and the like to argue about it.

We don't need to debate, but "gut feel" tells me we're wasting our time trying to convince MS that promoting VFP will earn more money for them.- John Ryan

You could look at it this way too, with VB/VC.NET all their desktop and shareware developers have to look for a non- over the top distributed environment. If they can get netted up (pun somewhat intended) by VFP there is revenue for them and not for whereever they were headed, most likely Delphi. I think alot of things in VFP have to change before that happens though. Like OO Menus, Reports and Data, and teh overall environment for one. -- Mike Helland
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