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What are some sensible achievable options?
One paragraph per option, stating upsides and downsides.
Recall the flow of any well structured argument: Problem => Factors to consider => Options => Recommendation (Analysis) => Do this for Implementation (creativity)
This topic relates to Open Letter To Microsoft, an issue in February 2001

  • Do nothing and continue as things are now, and seemingly always been.
  • Create an internal awareness and training program for MS reps and major partners. To do this, reach into the VFP Community to create a 90-minute seminar to be given to every MS rep in every MS office, branch office, and to developers of all major MS solution partners around the world. Internally at MS, generate a continuous message that says "You must attend, this product's not going away, this is why, and here's information about it." In other words, for the VFP community, it's payback time for deferred rep education.
  • Use all available suasive powers to get Microsoft Press to publish Visual FoxPro titles.

    Maybe more ads is not what VFP needs. I'd prefer that a fraction of such resources be put towards buying 1000 seats at Devcon for Microsoft reps. Or on a tour by seasoned VFP developers to run brown-bag lunch sessions for MS reps. Either way, the message being: "You must attend, this product's not going away, this is why, and here's information about it." If MS owes something to the VFP community, it's payback on the deferred education of its own freaking reps.-- Steven Black

    Great idea! There are more seasoned VFP developers than me, but I'll volunteer to do this. I have a good relationship with the Salt Lake and Denver MS Sales offices. -- Craig Berntson

    A super idea Steve! Every Rep at any company should be familiar with their product line in more than a passing way! It always amazes me (and many other around here no doubt), how little the average MS Rep knows about VFP. They always recommend VB+Access or VB+SQL Server. Period. How many projects are lost to the competition (e.g. Powerbuilder or Delphi + < whatever database product >) when what the project really needed was a tool with the power and capabilities of VFP? An the MS Rep had it up their sleeve all the time (but did not know it cause s/he was never properly trained)! -- Alex Feldstein

    This reminds me. This has been done to an extent before. Calvin Hsia did that great marketing tape on VFP 3.0 or 5.0 I don't recall. It was inspirational to me as I watched it. Robert Green was to distribute it to all appropriate marketing people in MS. That was his plan to promote VFP within MS. Why did it fail, and how can we make this effort be different? -- Anthony Letts

    Well said Steve. I completely agree. With the exception of Calvin Hsia and Randy Brown (and maybe a few others), I am appalled at the level of people MS sends to conferences. For the most part, these reps belong in the seats not on the stage. I recall a Visual Interdev presentation in Palm Springs by a person who, I'm pretty sure, thought she was at a VB conference. I'm not looking for more markitecture-speak. It's nauseating, and people who matter are not swayed by it. I want MS to give more time to people who understand VFP and it's capabilities. This would include on-line case-studies using VFP (wouldn't be nice to beable to point clients to a good selection of examples on the MS site that shows that VFP will do what they want), MS sponsored brown-bags for the likes of Strahl, Egger, Black etc., collaborations on large high-profile projects, sponsoring VFP education in public institutions, etc.- Lauren Clarke
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