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From everything should come one (1, un, uno) focused and killer recommendation
Pick this option, and why. See Open Letter Options Section
Recall the flow of any well structured argument: Problem => Factors to consider => Options => Recommendation (Analysis) => Do this for Implementation (creativity)
This topic relates to Open Letter To Microsoft, an issue in February 2001
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    Excuse me for jumping right to the punch line, but I can't get this idea out of my mind: from this day forth, let every Microsoft Direct Access Newsletter include a blurb about Visual FoxPro. And here's the kicker - we'll write the blurb for them, for every single issue. Need I say more? - ?mda
    It's good to see that a crowd of interested participants is gathering. Since a committee, no matter how well intentioned or motivated, can't work together to write a letter, when is someone going to take a crack at this one page letter. (After all, Thomas Jefferson had to do the actual drafting of the Declaration of Independence.) I like the idea of trying to get Microsoft to agree to publish some regular blurb on Foxpro and the offer to do the writing (with their editorial approval of course). (Also, I think that somehow Microsoft can make use of this grass roots backing of one of their products for p.r. purposes.) - StevenAsherman

    Great idea. But as Devil's advocate I ask: why should MS co-operate? We are their clients. Imagine if one of your clients asked you to fund publication of good news about them because that would sure help them out. You'd feel like helping, but depending on the cost you'd want a spinoff for you or at least to be sure it does not create a negative for you, especially if that client use one of your smaller products which is not your preferred product. You'd want to be sure it would not backfire.
    I agree completely with you that it may have PR benefits for MS, and this would be a great way to proceed if people are willing to write the blurb... now lets quantify the benefit. - John Ryan

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