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Oz Win, also called Oz Cis / Win, is an Offline reader for CompuServe. You can download a 30day trial version, the full version costs $69.

More information can be found here.

The current version of OzWinII is 2.31. Previous versions are not fully Y2K compliant.

From the authors description: This program was designed for advanced, 'power' users. While much effort has gone into making the program as friendly as possible for the less-experienced user, it was never intended to be used by someone with no familiarity with the Service, its common terminology, basic operation or standard practices. The price is currently $69.00 for the download copy. Previous Customers will get a reduction and a Sys Op version is available on request.

Download: OW2301TL.EXE

In my opinion, Oz Win is the best frontend for Compuserve. The main benefit is, that you download the messagebase, and then disconnect and read all the stuff offline. You reply offline, you compose your questions offline, and you can skim thru the filelibraries offline. After you done your homework, just press a button, and Oz Win connects, sends your replies, downloads your files and again disconnets. It is highly configurable, and can also run unattended in the night hours. Due to the various parts of configuration, you'll have a little bit to experiment with all those settins, until you have everything working as you desire. Even if you have a direct line, you can use Oz Win because of the Message tools. You can sort, search, navigate on various criterias. All the messages are stored as flat asci files, and they can easily converted into a dbf (several PD tools are available) -- wOOdy
Emphasizing that CompuServe offline readers give you offline files in easily searched ASCII format-- Steven Black
I'd like to add that in the CompuServe forum library all messages back to December 1997 are available for download in DBF format. Therefore, if you are looking for a certain topic, just run a SELECT on the tables to get those information you need. We also provide the contents of the file library (and some additional resources) in a DBF file. For both tables readers written in VFP are available. -- Christof Wollenhaupt
Christof, may I suggest that these .DBFs be available through a link here?-- Steven Black

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