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Paint Shop Pro is a great paint program. Shareware version available too.
I believe it's actually now full-blown payware, as at version 7, probably since version 6. Still downloadable but limited to a trial period only. Not completely sure, since I have a boxed copy. A poor man's PhotoShop, but the difference in price far outweighs any usability issues (and anyway, I've been using it for years so it would be painful in more ways than financial to switch). Mike Woodhouse 24Oct02
Mike, you're right that it is now payable. I tried version 6, but I actually found it much more difficult to use than the previous versions. I decided to forego the new features, and stay with version 3.12, which is still shareware. Highly recommended. Mike Lewis

Mike I agree with you that starting with 6.0 it got more difficult. They went into a new level of image manipulation by allowing "layers". I'm sure these are key features for some, but for a regular user they complicate it. The last solid and easier version was 5.0. A person could check ebay for an older copy. Peter Diotte
I too have been using PSP for years - from version 3.0 with each upgrade. It is truly a great program. I initially started using it because it was the only paint program that allowed saving and reading back an image's color palette from an ascii file. All others used non-editable binary files. Highly recommend the product. Peter Diotte
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