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Paul Maskens

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
Once Andy Kramek's other half < g >
PAul was the other half of the Fox Talk Kitbox writing duo for many articles.

Actually, Marcia Akins is Andy's better half.
Actually, Marcia claims that she is is the better half.
Check out their books Kilo Fox and Mega Fox at Hentzenwerke.

He is not Jim BoothOffsite link to
, despite what his wife may think.

Still working at Euphony in Basingstoke, having survived 5 years including Developer (the only one!), Team leader, Development Manager, International Development Manager, Web Developer,International IT Development Manager,German Account Manager, and redundancy, finally re-employment as BA/SA and Architect. Which of those last 3 I end up doing, well wait and see.

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