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"Representing an investment of $500 million, 59 new collaborative applications, and the rearchitecting of 108 core products..."

A BIG system.

With People Soft you get: a ton of software and patches, People Soft training (teachers and materials), People Soft consultants. The price tag will easily be over $1mil.

I saw a company spend $10M to implement People Soft. It took about 2 years. They were previously using 2 FPDos apps, 1 VFP app, a $14K accounting system, and a 10 year old DOS app (old MS Basic) that could have been rewritten in VFP in about 2-4 man months. Granted they were bumping into the limitations of the existing systems, the limitations were app specific, not platform (language) imposed. The original plan was to spend 6-12 man months and rewrite the 4 apps in VFP, and perhaps get a 'better' accounting system. This would have been a good VFPSuccess Stories but somehow People Soft became the silver bullet that would solve all the problems.

-- Carl Karsten - not a People Soft consultant, unless you want me to help you migrate from People Soft to a VFP app ;)

As a senior programmer on an application that while doesn't really compete fully with People Soft sells in the same basic space, I believe it is designed to be complex, expensive and services heavy, that is how you make money in this businesses. Actually, there is really ONE way to make money in this business, MARKETING. There is one thing to sell in this business, SERVICE or SOLUTIONS. Anyway, the point of my story is that one of the customers of the product I work on, a Payroll/HR application PC based, DOS was Clipper, Windows is FoxPro 2.6, (we just released our VFP/SQL version this month) has been implmenting People Soft for 3 years now. Through that he has migrated from our DOS to Windows version, upgraded to our 3.0 Windows version, and is still using it. -- Bob Archer

I had occasion to write some reports out of People Soft for a major insurance company at their corporate hq in LA a few years ago. They were trying to upgrade from Gupta to Oracle and from one rev of PS to the next. My job was to write reports that helped them certify that the conversion ran successfully. It was one of the most frustrating experiences I have had as a consultant. Not only did I have the usual problems with the DBA not giving me the "keys to the kingdom" (database access), but I discovered that the way People Soft locks up the database for security made it impossible for me to directly extract data. You had to use "PeopleCode", a custom scripting language People Soft developed for IS shops to get data, or PSQuery (a very limited query tool). At the time, Access put PSQuery to shame. They spent untold bucks trying to get the data they wanted. And the reports ran DOG slow because of all the flaming hoops the DOG had to jump through to get the data. PSQuery extracts to Access, Access queries, Crystal reports. A JOKE DELUXE! -- Ray Kirk (not a People Soft consultant).
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