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Can someone please help me. I have been desperately trying to find a way to run Visual FoxPro on Mac OS X. I can use it on PowerPC based Macintosh systems under the Mac OS X classic environment. I've read I think everything you can possibly imagine trying to find a way. I'm desperate for help. What I'd ultimately like to do is be able to run Visual FoxPro on Mac OS X both PowerPC and Intel based Macintosh machines. To my understanding FoxPro is way more powerful than most people think and I know there has to be a way. I've been able to run Windows versions under the WINE environment on Mac OS X, but unfortunately it doesn't run with the Mac OS X (Aqua) interface.

I'd really want to run Visual FoxPro on my MacBook Air and be able to continue to learn about FoxPro and Visual FoxPro. I'm 33 and I'd like to help keep the light on. I've had a fascination with FoxPro for most of my life. My first job was for a pizza franchise called Mazzio's. Their point of sales (FoxPro 2.5 multiuser)and restaurant management system(started out as FoxPro 2.5 multiuser then upgraded to VFP 6) was programmed entirely in FoxPro. I thought it was so amazing how fast it would run. It fascinated me. I loved the design. I then wanted to learn how to program in FoxPro and make beautiful programs. I've read about how caring the Fox community is with one another. Can I be part of this wonderful community and can someone please help me. I know there has to be a way. Thank you so much for any help you can provide. - Nathan Harris

[2017.05.14 05:21:44 PM GMT]
First of all, I think there may be a significant typo in your message: "I can use it on PowerPC based Macintosh systems...". Do you mean "I can't use it on PowerPC based Macintosh systems..." ?
I don't use Macs, but my understanding is that people now use virtualization software to run Windows apps on Macs, and WINE is pretty obsolete. I'm no expert on any of this, but I hope this helps.

[2017.05.17 10:46:31 PM EST]
Just to make sure I'm getting the picture: when you say "it doesn't run" or similar, what *does* happen when you do - what exactly? What version of VFP? Presume you must be running some version of Windows... under VMWare, or Bootcamp, or ???? When your app won't work (or are you wanting to install the IDE?) do you see error dialogs or ?
FWIW: since VFP6, the EULA says you can't run your apps on anything other than Windows, unless you distribute a VFP development license with your app. MS was *very* firm about enforcing this re WINE on Linux before VFP became abandonware. Now? Who knows. But assuming you are running in a Windows VM, you should be fine.
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