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Power Builder, sometimes abbreviated PB, is a computer application development system created by Powersoft, which was later purchased by Sybase. Touted as a Rapid Application Development (RAD) system, it includes tools for drawing the user interface and reports, and accessing database content. The tools are provided in an integrated development environment that is the application developer's interface to the capabilities of the system.

Power Builder - Power Builder is a popular rapid application development (RAD) tool for building object-oriented programming client/server applications the parts of which can be distributed within a network. Power Builder is a product of Sybase, a company that has historically been a leader in selling products for building distributed and replicated database in networks. A major feature of Power Builder (and its competitors) is the ability to create databases using an object-oriented interface. Applications created with Power Builder can access other popular types of databases on other major platforms using Open Database Connectivity (ODC).,289893,sid9_gci212817,00.html
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