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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
We need a logo to include in our apps that vaunts FoxPro.

[2002.05.26]UT Version 1:
Cool. Could there be a smaller version (maybe 32x32) so it won't take up much space if we add it to the bottom of a Web Site? -- Mike Helland

Great idea! What would be even better is if the artwork originated and was sanctioned by Microsoft. -- Randy Jean
Ken is working on getting a Microsoft sanctioned logo.
Question: Has this issue been resolved yet. What was the result? Thanks.
Pablo Rivera

It would be even better if this had a prayer of working :(

[2002.05.26] Fat-free version:

*!* Powered By Visual FoxPro
Low-Carb version:

* By VFP

We'll be waiting for the Microsoft version. -- Plinio

This won't happen Plinio, as per recent Ken Levy's posts.

So from Portal Fox I propose this two:

-- Pablo Roca

I like these. I think the first one is better as it shows VFP is made by MS; information that some IT Managers are unfortunately not aware of. -- Alex Feldstein

I just put the right-hand image above in my About box, where it will be seen by hundreds of people (I hope). I like both of the above, but the (minor) problem with the left-hand one is that "Visual Foxpro" is split over two lines. Am I being too pernickity? Mike Lewis
I think so, FoxPro is the operative word and it is on a line by itself. -- Pamela Thalacker

I think we can come up with a version with the word Microsoft omitted. Tit for tat - Microsoft omits VFP from any public place they can think of, we can omit them. -- Dragan Nedeljkovich

Now if we can verify CVFPE logo's copyright-ablity, it does not mention Microsoft
I also like these two and would like to put one on my site. Any known legal/copyright problems here? -- Doug Dodge

>>>> No, is not legal/copyright problem, these logos are 'Free to Use' to promote VFP -- Isaac Venegas

>>>> Yep, as Isaac says, there is no problem at all to use any of this two logos in websites or aplications, cause Portal Fox created these two. They are askware, (if anyone asks "hey where did this logo come from?, just say: "from the guys at Portal Fox"") ROFL -- Pablo Roca

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