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Due to the bank-crisis and also deceived by some cheating employees, ProLib lost two huge customer projects, which in effect killed the company. ProLib Software GmbH finally went bankrupt in July 2009 (AZ: InsO IN 168/09), followed by ProLib Ltd Mauritius and ProLib Tools GmbH shortly after.

Currently, there's no information available what's happening with developments like AFP or Acodey. If you are interested, please contact:
Rechtsanwalt Jürgen Roth,
Fritz-Wunderlich-Strasse 49 d,
D-66869 Kusel
Tel.: +49(6381)92250, Fax: +49(6381)922539

-- wOOdy

ProLib is located in Germany and is among the leading software development companies in Europe.
They are also one of the leading suppliers of MS Visual FoxPro Tools, Add-ons, training, consulting, and programming in German-speaking countries in Europe (See

Many leading developers are working with ProLib, most of them are either MVP's or speakers at conferences. Among them are Jürgen Wondzinski, Stefan Wübbe, Christof Wollenhaupt. (see them all at All in all, more than 20 VFP and several C++ / DotNetOffsite link to developers are in charge.
Among their customerbase are top-notch companies like DeutscheBank, Lufthansa, Metro, AXA, KZB, etc.

ProLib developed some remarkable products like Active FoxPro Pages ( ) and a new Component Classlibrary named Acodey ( ).

You can find ProLib at See also Juergen Wondzinski ( wOOdy ).
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