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Publishing Bench Marks

Namespace: VB
I think publishing SQL Server benchmarks breaks the liscence agreement, you might wanna check out if you can even post your test results here. -- Mike Helland

From "Microsoft gets tough with independent testers"

Ressler says Microsoft has never denied a customer request to share benchmarking results with another customer, "but the media is different."

It doesn't matter, you still need to get Microsoft's permission to publish. It's just that they've "never denied a customer request to share benchmarking results with another customer" -- Andrew Coates

Hmmm... I wonder how far they take this... I'll have to check the SLA for VFP, perhaps topics like ATvs $ vs ASCAN and many others in Category Performance are also taboo? - Lauren Clarke

I wonder where they would take it? Steve is the only one they could really whack, and that seams like a stretch. Now that I think about it, it is just censorship. The US may support this kind of censorship (I can even see why), but as John Gilmore said, "The net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it." -- ?CFK

Medium (media) : Means of communication. So yes, Wiki must be media.
Generally accepted is that the Internet is out of the control of the instances who want to control the content. Well, the law of one country, can't be applied to another who publishes. A kinda same is :
You have the licence and the benchmark-results. You give it to me, and I publish it. To make it more fuzzy : "I found it somewhere on the Internet". BTW, I did, and before I copied it into a Word-document. And now I publish it back.
Don't get rigid here. -- Peter Stordiau
What the hell are you talking about? You either break the agreement or you don't. And as far as being rigid here, get a grip, I brought up a technical point, I didn't kabosh the page cause I thought it was wrong. -- Mike Helland
Hey, sorry; don't shoot me, I didn't shoot you, or anyway, didn't have any intention as such; just tried to avoid the non-publishing of data which is of all our interest i.e. tried to propose a way to get around it. The "rigid" part was not ment so for anyone personally and was more a reaction to Laurence's sentence. I mean, if it comes to that, what the h. are we allowed to express ? We sit here to tempt everything we like; I suppose "SQLServer2000 sucks" is not allowed too once your have a licence for it ? -- Peter Stordiau