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Quick FRX 2 PDF

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
donde puedo conseguir descargar el Quick FRX 2 PDF (free) para VFP9?
tengo una versión de prueba, pero ha expirado y no puedo acceder a la web donde me indican que acceda.

In English: Where can I get Quick FRX 2 PDF download (free) for VFP9? I have a test version, but has expired and I can not access the website. Where can I get Quick FRX 2 PDF? Thanks

Try the PDFDriver topic in this wiki to find more PDF info. Also, consider using a free printer driver that creates PDF files as output (as opposed to connecting to a printer and creating paper output).

I use Free PDF XP ( There are also some great links on this page to other PDF resources that you might find useful.
Ben Creighton
( Topic last updated: 2009.11.06 12:21:27 PM )