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Remote Data Services (RDS)
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NOTE: With version 1.5, the Remote Data Service (RDS) was renamed and merged with ActiveX Data Objects - ADO to provide data remoting within the same programming model as ADO. Formerly, the Remote Data Service was known as the Advanced Data Connector (ADC). To clarify the relationship of ADC to ADO, ADC is now known as the Remote Data Service (RDS), a feature of ADO Web Data Access Feature of the ActiveX Data Objects - ?ADO.

The Microsoft® Remote Data Service (RDS) delivers a new Web data access technology that allows developers to create data-centric applications within ActiveX-enabled browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer. RDS creates a framework that permits easy interaction with ODBC databases on corporate intranets and over the Internet. In addition, the design of the Remote Data Service offers a programming model that leverages the knowledge of Visual Basic developers. RDS provides the advantages of client-side caching of data results, updatable data, and support for data-aware ActiveX controls.

For further information, see the Technical Materials section of this site: Select ADO from the contents and scroll down to the RDS subsection.

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