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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
(Computer Programming Language)

IBM RPG (programming language) formerly means: "RPG = REPORT PROGRAM GENERATOR"

RPG is a programming language for business applications. Originally an initialism for Report Program Generator, it officially no longer stands for anything. Its latest incarnation is RPG IV (aka ILE RPG) on IBM's iSeries servers; it inherits the iSeries Integrated Language Environment’s OOP features such as prototyped functions and procedures, static and dynamic binding, access to C routine libraries, dynamic link libraries, and fully recursive and re-entrant modular code.
RPG (aka RPG IV aka RPGLE) is the mainstay programming language of the IBM iSeries platform. Originally designed as a query tool, IBM has enhanced the language to become a full-fledged, powerful programming language.

ASNA's Visual RPG for .NET (AVR) is a Windows-based RPG compiler that compiles to 100% .NET Microsoft Intermediate Language assemblies. These assemblies run under Microsoft's .NET platform with either traditional fat Windows client or browse-based user interfaces.

Using ASNA's DataGate for iSeries 400, AVR applications connect effectively to IBM's iSeries and AS/400s (from OS/400 V4R2 and up). These applications can perform read/write record level access to DB2 Universal Database for iSeries 400 physical and logical files. These applications can also take advantage of iSeries OS/400 host program objects (through a CALL/PARM interface with which RPG programmers are very familiar).

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