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A place to list and vaunt the better RSS aggregation programs available.

Since I also like to read rss feeds on my iPaq, I recommend Egress for the Pocket PC: -- Eric Den Doop

A new and fascinating Newsreader: AWASU, see NOT written in DotNetOffsite link to (!) and uses a real Database for storage. Lots of possibilities and plugins. -- ?wOOdy

  • I use Trillian 3.0 Pro. Trillian is primarily an IM application that can combine AIM and MSN IM into a single interface. It has a Plug In named Good News that puts RSS feeds right into the same interface as the IM accounts. My primary preference for Trillian is that it is a single interface that provides me access to multiple services all in one place. There is a non-Pro edition that is free to download at the Pro version is about $25 and really worth the money in the additional features. I am forced to use AIM for work (which I hate the AIM interface) and Trillian makes that non-painfull. --JimBooth

  • I use Feed DemonOffsite link to
, and I recommend it.-- Steven Black I second that. Feed DemonOffsite link to
is written by Nick Bradbury, who also wrote the Top Style CSS editor and the HomeSite HTML editor. -- Rick Borup
    May I be the third. I recently looked at every aggregator that I could to evaluate them for a client. While I liked Sharp Reader a lot, it failed to install on some machines and I got no response from the author. Feed DemonOffsite link to
works very well, although when it displays an Alert about aone or more new items, you cannot get to the item,(s) directly from the Alert. I can live with that. --Bob Smith
    Feed DemonOffsite link to
has been acquired by News Gator! -- Paul James

  • BlogMatrix Sparks ( www.blogmatrix ) is not just a RSSAggregator but is also a Pod Cast catcher and recorder-- Andrew MacNeill
  • News Gator ( ) - if you're using Outlook as your main email package, this is definitely the way to go / also has a web-based version (like Blog Lines) and support for other platforms but only on a subscription basis. -- Andrew MacNeill
  • RSSBandit ( ) - Free open-source aggregator written in .NET. Nice package. -- Joel Leach
  • Radio Userland is both a news aggregator and blogging tool. $40 a year includes 40 Mb of blog hosting space. -- Ted Roche
  • is a free web-based News Aggregator. Now it allows you to post for free too. Not full featured yet, but they tell me they plan some additions and improvements (like maybe allowing comments and signature blocks). -- Alex Feldstein
  • Mozilla ThunderBird 0.8 adds RSS support. Not as extensive as the other packages, but nice if you use it for email. -- Joel Leach Mozilla ThunderBird 1.5 seems to have improved a lot. Bhavbhuti Nathwani
  • RSS-To-JavaScript is great for inserting RSS feeds into your web pages - Fernando Alvares
  • Sharp Reader is used here.
  • I like using for inserting RSS feeds into a web page. This can be tapped either as a free public service or with php script you can load if you have proper /cgi-bin/ scripting support. -- Roxanne Seibert
  • Sauce Reader is free for personal use. Sauce Reader is for sale, pity. From the Synop website: "Synop has closed for business. We're very proud of all we've accomplished both internally and by working closely with our customers and users. We appreciate all your interest and support. The Sauce Reader product and source code are for sale." [refactored for space reasons]
  • Feed Scout is an RSS Reader toolbar for Microsoft® Internet Explorer.
  • FeedLounge is a Web-based feed reader currently in alpha testing. You can sign up for an invitation-only beta on their website.
  • RSSFeeder .NET Rich "Smart Client" RSS reader/Blog manager - use it with or without Outlook. Been using for a couple weeks. By synching with Outlook 2003 I get a lot of organizational features for managing the many feeds I subscribe to. I can set search folders to categorize, see only unread, etc. Very nice. -- Randy Jean
  • Sage is a RSS plugin for Firefox. Hardly bursting with features but does what I need. Google Reader (still in beta). Firefox's Live Bookmarks also serves my needs.

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