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Randy Jean is a Visual Foxpro Developer and Account Manager for Orion Group Software Engineers in South Bend, Indiana.

Worked for Synergy Systems in Elkhart, IN. They were bought by PMI of South Bend after I left.
Did a stint of commercial development in 1993 for a small startup company using FoxPro DOS.
Worked in-house as a network manager and programmer for a medium sized manufacturing company.

Trivia: My first mouse was a Dexxa mouse purchased direct from Fox Software sometime in early 1990. It was the cheapest mouse on the market (around $30) and I begrudgingly bought it when I realized I could be much more efficient using the new Foxpro 1.0 upgrade we had just purchased. A Google search turned up this interesting MSKB article:;EN-US;95721

Have worked with:
SBT (mostly Visionpoint and below)
Tele Magic (up through 2.5 Windows)

Developed and worked on many custom applications using FoxPro DOS, Windows and VFP.

Developed front ends using an automation middle-tier object and VFP as the front end business/presentation layer for HP e3000 to replace or supplement legacy applications written in COBOL and Pascal using abstract data classes allowing continued leverage of VFE (DBCX) data dictionary functionality.

Most of my current VFP development projects utilize the Visual FoxExpress framework and the Stonefield Database Toolkit and SQLServer database (Actually, only using SDT for smaller apps still using VFP database for deployment, reindexing, etc.).

Still doing lots of VFP enhancements and support of existing apps but have pretty much planned for all new projects to be .NET. Our shop has been using StrataFrame for both desktop and web. It's definitely a huge leap over trying to do all from scratch but find myself still missing the ease and RAD capabilities of VFP & VFE combination. Stratraframe has some pretty nice features that make databinding a bit easier but there are some UI issues that I think are more .NET Winforms related more than problems with Strataframe itself. I've started playing with Infragistics controls and the Strataframe wrappers and the simple, logical masking/formatting features alone seem to be well worth the price.

MC P Certifications:
Exam 70-155 - 05/01/2001
Exam 70-156 - 06/14/2001
Exam 70-526 - 02/08/2008

Personal Blog:

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