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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
[2002.12.23] Rational Software is in the process of being acquired by IBM.
A decent modeling tool sold by Rational Software for far too much money. -- Steven Black

A great number of Rational Rose owners report using it for Reverse Engineering as well as modeling. That's certainly true in my case.-- Steven Black
The Current Version of Rational Rose is "Rose 2000e", or version 7.0.9420.17 which I got off the Rational May 2000 Solutions for Windows CD, which you can order free from The latest version of Rose supports Activity Diagrams.-- Steven Black
For a cheaper and IMO, better tool look into Visio Enterprise. -- jMM
A good alternative could be Visual UML
There is a separate email list, rose_forum, that is for Rose-specific questions: You can subscribe to rose_forum here:
See also ArgoUML at for an Open Source project developing a UML tool.
Here is an excellent collection of Rose resources:
See also Visual Modeler
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